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Ahmed G Alghamdi and Brothers Trading and Contracting Company was established in 1387 AH corresponding to 1968 AD as a sole proprietorship in the name of / Ahmed Gromallah Al-Ghamdi Trading Corporation, its main center is in Dammam, and it engages in wholesale trade in foodstuffs with a capital not exceeding two thousand riyals, and its location is the city of Dammam

The company has developed at a vigorous and deliberate pace to keep pace with the development witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the ninth decade of the twentieth century, where it was able to transform from a sole proprietorship established in 1968 AD to a holding company in 2009 AD that owns and manages several companies with multiple activities and fields spread throughout the Kingdom to meet the desires, tendencies and tastes of consumers And the acquisition of a suitable segment of the local market by creating new and integrated activities.

The company's management sensed the importance of establishing a system of governance after the occurrence of financial crises in the global markets, which reflected its misguidance on many companies, which explained that it was the result of a crisis of confidence in the components of financial and administrative management and legislation. Accordingly, the company's management was keen to implement the concept of corporate governance by developing and applying administrative, legal and financial systems, which in turn regulate the relationship between management and owners.

Board of Directors word

Our trading company started from a humble beginning in the year 1385 AH corresponding to 1965 AD, in a small commercial store in the city of Dammam with a small capital.

By the grace of God and then thanks to the efforts of the founders, which do not know boredom or fatigue, it made its way steadily in the crowd of random competitions that operate without controls and a careful vision of the course of things. For disciplined business methodology we have achieved a consistent foot position and an excellent reputation in the market.

We became at the forefront, keeping pace with economic growth, step by step, and we did not fall behind. Our company became one of the leading companies in the commercial field, and worked on diversifying sources of income, expanding imports and increasing the number of sales outlets at the level of the Kingdom and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Since the establishment of Ahmed G Alghamdi & Brothers Company, it has set its sights on the goal of achieving leadership in the commercial, industrial and investment sectors, reaching the top and achieving excellence in performance, and creating local and international partnerships with major international companies.

Also, Ahmed G Alghamdi and his brothers company succeeded in reserving a seat on the national economy train by seeking success and supporting national products in all its companies, and the company's management is still making efforts in the continuous work to expand the group's scope.

I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Brother / Muhammad Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, and the brother / Saeed Muhammad Al-Ghamdi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, and colleagues in all departments. Thanks are extended to all our customers, without whom we would not have been able to achieve what we have reached today.

We are working to strengthen the company's position in the market to maintain the gains of fifty years in the field of trade, and we are developing our relationship with our customers in order to understand the challenges they face and provide them with answers to confirm support and offer the most effective alternatives.

We apply governance principles and best practices to turn experiences into profits, and we work to enable the strategic direction of the group's companies, our partners and our employees to turn the vision into reality.

We develop our own product marketing channels, by liberalizing restrictions on our subsidiaries to control prices in the absence of competition legislation, and we support the policy of geographical expansion to cover the area of ​​our customers in all regions of the Kingdom for the wholesale and retail sectors.

We are working to maintain the wall of trust that we built with our sources, resources and beneficiaries through guarantees of quality, price and commitment. We also emphasize on keeping pace with the state in its legislation, regulations and obligations in my plans for 2020 and 2030.

We are committed to applying governance financial policies characterized by integrity, transparency and credibility, in line with professional standards, and we provide financial and operational plans and programs to measure performance deviations to serve decision-making. We work to achieve a balanced cash management to achieve working capital adequacy without compromising operating requirements or profitability levels and maximizing the utilization of resources.

We are keen to plan short and long-term commitments with financing agencies to avoid any financial bottlenecks at the lowest cost of burdens. We pay attention to the application of laws, regulations and instructions in a way that supports the company's position in adhering to the rules of governance and the corporate system and restructuring to keep pace with the changes and serve the interests of the group.

We support change management, teamwork, cooperation and knowledge exchange in an environment governed by integrity, justice and credibility. We work to provide a fair and supportive environment for employees. We deepen the values ​​of participation, creativity, achievement and motivation through continuous education and training policies. We participate in the development and implementation of a strategy to ensure the optimization of financial and human resources in the medium term. and long.

Mohammed Ahmed Alghamdi

Chairman of Board of Directors

Saeed Ahmed Alghamdi

Chief Executive Officer

Ali Ahmed Alghamdi

Vice President

Ahmed Khedr

Assistant to the President for Financial and Administrative Affairs

Our Strategy

The company seeks to possess a large market share in all sectors of the company through a clear vision and plans drawn by the management and the application of modern systems to raise the performance efficiency of all employees and activate the quality of service and development and constant research and communication with all customers of all sectors.

Our values


The company aspires to have its performance at the highest levels of technology and quality by using the latest technical means and linking them with practical life


They are the human capital and represent the artery that feeds the company and gives it a tremendous productive power, and for that they are one of our most prominent current and future interests in developing their competencies to the maximum degree.


We derive our integrity from the revelation of the Noble Qur’an and the Sunnah of His Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, in all our sales or purchasing transactions, and we planted this virtue in ourselves first and in all of our employees secondly.


On the basis of the hadith of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, (like the believers in their affection… like one body) and this is one of our most prominent characteristics. We may differ in style, but unite in goal.

Open Relationships

We encourage frank and open communication at all levels.


A slogan that we cherish in our dealings of all kinds, in addition to giving it who deserves it.


Carry on our shoulders and fulfill our obligations with every work we do.

Providing excellent services

We provide it to all our customers who share the business with us and try hard to win their satisfaction and approval.